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Continue your Google Cloud journey with CNTXT

Google Cloud is partnering with CNTXT to bring GCP to Saudi Arabia. As a result, all Google Cloud and Maps customers in the Kingdom will need to enter into a new contract with CNTXT. CNTXT will manage your account going forward providing you with expert guidance to help improve performance, security, and lower costs. You need to take action by XXX, 2023* to continue your data-driven journey with Google Cloud.

*The contracting process must be completed by XXX 1, 2023 in order for us to migrate your 
existing projects under your new billing account under CNTXTcontact us buttom


CNTXT: your local Google
Cloud partner in the

Google Cloud is partnering with CNTXT to bring GCP to customers in Saudi Arabia. We are your local partner for the data-driven business. 

To respond to the growing needs of the customers in the Kingdom, Google Cloud has chosen to partner with CNTXT as the exclusive reseller of GCP. As a result, all Google Cloud and Maps customers domiciled in KSA will need to enter into a new contract with CNTXT, and CNTXT will manage your account in the future.



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The benefits to you of Google Cloud and CNTXT

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Local knowledge

We are experts in local cyber security and data residency requirements. Whether you choose to continue leverage Google Cloud outside the Kingdom or decide to take advantage of the new GCP region opening in the Kingdom - we are here to guide in making the right choice.

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Local team

Our cloud experts understand the growing needs of businesses in the Kingdom. Our strategic partnership with Google Cloud guarantees close cooperation with Google's experienced platform experts in order to address the specific needs of your business.

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Local support

To meet the accelerated use of Google Cloud by customers in the Kingdom we will be providing you with Tier 1 and Tier 2 local support.

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What happens next?
  • In order to continue your journey with Google Cloud you will have to enter into a new contract with CNTXT. The contracting process needs to be completed by XXX, 2023.
  • Once the contracting is completed you will need to grant us access to migrate all your projects to a new billing account under CNTXT.
  • After the project migration under your new billing account, CNTXT will bill you for Cloud and Maps services.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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CNTXT is a Google Cloud reseller and
managed service provider in the Kingdom.

Our cloud experts are here to help you unlock the full potential of digitalization
enabled by Google Cloud.more


We are a catalyst for data driven insights, the foundation for fast, sustainable innovation for you business


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